Versatile, affordable electrical energy monitoring

IoTaWatt is an open source/open hardware electric power monitor capable of measuring Volts, Amps, Watts, kWh, VA, power-factor, and frequency for up to 14 circuits.

Passive current transformers are clamped over or placed around one conductor of each circuit to be measured. There is no contact between any of the sensors and the live high-voltage wires. They sense the magnetic field generated by current flowing through the wire.

During installation, the browser based configuration app is used to specify what's connected using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Everything is intuitive and menu driven.




Each circuit is labelled and the type of CT used is specified from an extensive dropdown menu of supported models.



The current status of all inputs can be continuously displayed in a browser window. User specified outputs are displayed alongside the basic input data.

There are also various dropdown tabs to activate status display of the basic device status, cloud server upload, and data logging history.

Integrated analytic tools allow viewing usage graphically. Show total power use along with individual circuits by simply selecting from a menu.

Forum - Discourse based community forum. Here you will find notices, Bob's blog, support discussions, DIY info and support.

GitHub - Link to the project Git containing the firmware source code, releases, and hardware specifications

Documentation - Currently in the process of moving the documentation from the GitHub WiKi to a Read the Docs site. Use the Wiki until complete.

Demo - Sample of the configuration app. This isn't as full functioned as it used to be, but for what it's worth you can get the look-and-feel of the setup procedure.